First Post

Well for starters, this first blog post is being typed using my new iPhone 5. I am going thru an incredibly difficult time in my life right now. My Dad passed away a month ago. I am devastated. I know, without a doubt, he would not want me to give up the things that I love. He would want me to get inspired in ANY way that I could, and he would want me to continue to create. I am starting a grief art journal. I’m only calling it that, until I find a better name for it. I am going to re-create my Dad’s favorite painting of mine, and I am going to do it on a GIANT canvas. Just having these things on my to do list warms my heart. I will be healing thru creativity. Daddy, this is all dedicated to you. Thank you for loving me. And thank you for believing in and loving my artwork. I promise I will not stop creating. 


Your first baby girl,